Block-chain and Crypto Currency advise and guidance
Providing general consultancy and Advice to individuals or small businesses wanting to get started in the digital and Block-chain space throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland. We do not offer financial advice, this service is offering information on the technology and it’s potential uses.
Offering consultations and friendly guidance for individuals or small business how to buy bitcoin or alt coins, securing your digital assets, getting a general understanding of it all, potential uses for this technology and any other questions you may have regarding digital-currency or block chain technology. Face to face sessions available in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas and via phone or Skype throughout Australia.
Technology Trends
Up to date information and analysis of current trends and latest breakthroughs in the blockchain space, in terms that you can understand clearly. I can also provide custom research and look into any tokens that you may have heard about and honest, easy to understand advice. I do not offer financial advice.
IT & Website Integration
With extensive IT and web experience. I can provide insights on how you may be able to use blockchain technology within your website or business.
About Me

My name is Aaron and I really believe that what we are seeing in this area is just the beginning of something that will shape the world in a far greater way than the internet itself has.

I am excited about the potential for related technologies that are behind assets such as Bitcoin and Etherium and want be involved in this in whichever way I can.  It can be absolutely daunting for most people.  I can put things in relatively simple terms and walk you through at your own pace.  My background in IT and Finance helps in both understanding the technology and understanding how revolutionary this can be to not only financial markets but so much more.  I believe this technology has the potential to disrupt everything.

Whether you are an individual or a business trying to get a grasp of this area, it’s better to be “in the know” early on, rather than desperately trying to play catch up down the road.

Getting Started With Crypto

Getting Started With Bitcoin

What is Coin Mining

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Future Technology Predictions

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Technology Integration